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Surgical drapes

Surgical drapes

Discover the breadth and depth of our BARRIER® range of surgical drapes to help protect...

Mölnlycke surgical staff clothing

Staff clothing

Discover the BARRIER® range of staff clothing – a wide range of protective clothing for...

Mölnlycke surgical gloves in surgery

Biogel surgical gloves

Discover the proven quality of Biogel® surgical gloves – reliable protection for your hands...

Mölnlycke procedure trays

Mölnlycke procedure trays

Increase efficiency in the operating room with surgical procedure trays. You can customise sterile ...

Mölnlycke laparoscopic surgical instruments

Mölnlycke laparoscopic surgical instruments

Choose from our extensive range of high-quality surgical instruments - available individually ...

Mepilex dressings

Mepilex dressings

Discover the Mepilex® range of wound treatment and prevention solutions...

Mölnlycke wound management

Wound management

Discover our wound management solutions – all designed to help wounds heal...

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